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About Lifestyle Polarities

Lifestyle Polarities is dedicated to different approaches for a healthy lifestyle.
Everyone in life has passed various ups and downs. When you were too up you wanted to get down and when you were down you wanted to get up.
How your lifestyle changed in those periods?
Rich, poor, fat, skinny, party nights, facebook nights, loneliness, too many friends, good friends, bad friends. This list can go on forever, we won’t be able to get all the possible definitions.
The common denominators remain always the same: + and -.
What did you do to change the polarity of your lifestyle? For sure you have seen it changing from time to time in your life. When you were more fat or more fit for example.
Did you do something to improve it? If yes, what did it take to make your lifestyle change? What was the drive?
In the other hand, if it still does not change, what are you doing that is more important than your own improvement?
Good health and some philosophy is a perfect baseline to start on a new project called “Your own Lifestyle”.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” said the Roman poet Juvenal (1st century AD), which translates in : “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

A balanced mindset comes from a healthy body, no doubt on this!
By taking care of your body you allow oxygen and nutrients to reach every part of your body and improve your overall performance, both physical and mental.
As your brain starts to receive some “fresh air” from your body, you will get more focused on your goals.

It’s all about chemical reactions. Your food, the air you’re breathing, your body, the planet, the universe are based on chemical reactions

Lifestyles changes start with 2 steps: 1- To start the change. 2- To keep that mindset  of change flowing.
If the first step to apply a change in your lifestyle is difficult, the second step is even more difficult. Embrace your change, you have to love it! Remember that in the chemical world, “for every action there is a reaction”.

So, after all of this philosophical sermon here are the facts!
Changing the polarities of your Lifestyle involves the understanding of your body, health, level of fitness, what you eat and the awareness of all your surroundings. From there you can move forward in the direction you feel more attracted and integrate into the Lifestyle you desire.

You’ll get the deep part of this on your own when the time comes.
As soon as you start to get some exercise and proper nutrients, your body will wake up that part of you.

Physical exercise is a baseline to start. Remember the first and second step mentioned above? This is what I meant!
Keep doing it, take it as a habit and never let it go. Even a little run is always better than “Potato couching”, you’ll relax better on that couch after a run, Guaranteed!

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Our goal is to push you to pass the first 2 steps on your Lifestyle Polarities change!

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