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Are you living at the cause or at the effect of your experience?

During your journey you may find yourself confused about what to do in any given moment. You used to be happy about something and you’ve discovered that while you are growing you are changing points of view about what you like and how you live. It’s nothing to be scared about, it’s just life.

As we all know there are only 2 denominators: + and -. You can choose either one of them for your own pleasure in order to enjoy your life at full.

Life is now and you can make choices every single instant if you want to change in the direction you really want to be.

FramesImagine life like a movie reel. At the first look the picture moves smooth and dynamic. We can sit there and watch the whole movie from the beginning to the end. Just enjoy the show.

Now, try to imagine to look at the same movie but from the actor point of view that can change movement at every single frame.
In the movie of our life there are billions of billions of frames each second that we can use to initiate a change in the whole story. It depend on us to decide to do it or to just keep watching.

We know what we know about life because we have been instructed by our parents, teachers, religions, friends and people around us since we were born.
Most of us recorded those memories and placed them as a basic script of their own movie probably because of nostalgic attachment of their youth and they like to sit down and keep on re-watching them. Frame after frame.

Last week I passed in front my books shelf and a question came into my mind: “What part of what book do I need to read now?”. While walking I’ve picked up a random book and opened it.

I like this kind of game. It always twist me up when just I ask, and the answer is perfect. All the time.

This is what was under my eyes:

The question is: do you wish to walk this path consciously or unconsciously, with awareness or lack of awareness, as the cause of my experience or at the effect of it.

For most of your life you’ve lived at the effect of your experiences.

Now you are invited to be the cause of them.

That is what is known as consciously living.

That is what this called walking in awareness.

(Cit. “Conversations with God: Book One” by Neale Donald Walsch)

Try to create your own reality on the base of the choices that you can make billions of times every second. Train yourself to see your existence from an external point of view and wake up yourself when you are caught following the usual habits. Every moment you catch yourself, deviate in the direction that makes you feel good and will make your life fully enjoyable.

The life you are willing to live is already there, you just have to shift to it. You have the choice to shift at each frame of your own movie.

passenger-trainSome time ago a phrase came into my mind: “On the rail road of your life, are you a locomotive or a wagon?“. I thought at the different habits of the people. Some people are moving, others are being moved. Some parts of my life I was a locomotive and others I was a wagon.

Which one was better? Honestly, I’ve enjoyed both sides. But it’s up to you to discover and create your own experience. To make your own movie or just sit back and enjoy watching it.


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