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How Do You Connect With The World Around You?

DayAtBeachHow many times have you noted people around you that are disconnected from the world?
I’m pretty sure you’ve seen those who stay hooked on their phone or tablet for hours. It actually became a common (and sad) joke to see friends and couples having a drink together but everyone is busy checking Facebook and no one talk to each other.
If you are with friends in this moment, bookmark this page, shut down this tablet/phone/computer and start having some good time!
If your friends are hooked on a tablet in this moment too, send them this link and tell them to read these first few lines.

Device dependence is not the only thing to disconnect people from the world. You may observe that some of them are locked on a screen playing nonsense commercials, others are staring at the empty space or looking down at their own toe tips.
Let’s say that the luckiest ones are those who are actually sleeping. At least they can dream!
ft_crIf you start noticing this behavior on people around you is because you are understanding that something else is going on beside the usual flow of everyone’s life.

You are not letting your brain get in to the habit of “lobotomization” and you are starting to see with your own eyes. It’s a good thing, keep doing it!

I have a question for you.
When was the last time that you observed and felt your surroundings?

You may have observed what’s around you or what somebody was doing but did you actually feel that moment? …or you just judged it?
Remember, when you feel the situation without judgment is when you can really grasp the life within. When you judge something you are putting your decisions inside that situation and you are not absorbing what is coming to you. By judging, you are re-absorbing yourself and you will get more convinced on your own memories without understanding real and newer experiences.

Keep an “empty and receiving” mindset. All the answers and the support to your thoughts that you have been looking for may be right there in front of you. Advertising signs, t-shirts, road signs, shop names, bumper stickers, sounds, smells, events happening while you pass by, people talking to each other that you accidentally eavesdrop. This list is unlimited.

get_it_together_stick_figureAllow yourself to keep your senses open and you will perceive more an more of these messages. Some of them are funny to bright up your day and some others are more deep. Most of them are just the perfect answer for you in that precise moment.

I’m not saying that if you see someone wearing a t-shirt with “killing me softly” written on it you should go and “softly” kill that person! Pay attention to those messages that you know they are meant for you. Within yourself, you know how to distinguish those messages.

It is not something difficult to do. Don’t get your mind into a struggling concentration by thinking about which messages to follow.
Stay easy. The guidance is given from that little sensor inside you that tells you what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad. Simple as that.

Use simple daily steps in your path and you will learn to let serendipity be the engine while you get comfortable in the driver seat of your brand new car called life.

The Universe is always speaking to us

…Sending us little messages,

causing coincidences and serendipities,

reminding us to stop, to look around,

to believe in something else,

something more.

Nancy Thayer

I’m not against Social Networks, but I won’t spend most of my time on it. Look around you and discover your real world.

Look up right now. Look at the people around you. What are they doing? Can you perceive their feelings by watching them one by one? And all together? What is going on collectively in everyone’s head? Is there any writing or sign that you can see and it makes perfectly sense in this moment for you?

While you may be interested to learn how to Improve your Awareness, check out this video here below. You will find an important key point starting at 2:23.


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