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Is Noopept the “Limitless” NZT?

Since the movie “Limitless” there has been quite some rumors about the existence of that magic pill called “NZT”.

Lots of people got into the dream of getting amazingly smart just by swallowing a chemical compound and the online market of surrogate products begun to raise.

So, does the NZT exists? …No, it doesn’t.
However, there is something, among many “smart drugs” available now, that I personally tested by curiosity and I was pretty impressed by the results.

It’s called NOOPEPT.

A friend of mine who is constantly testing every kind of supplementation suggested me to give a shot to the Noopept. At first I thought was one of his usual “WOW” moments. This friend of mine is a very good salesman and he tend to over advertise everything he talks about, even the candies he eat, “The best in the world!” he would say.

StudyAfter a quick research about this Noopept and given that I was pretty much into one of those “down” periods, I decided to try it. It’s pretty cheap and you just need very tiny doses.

When my 10 grams bag of Noopept arrived I got quite curious as on the back it was written “serving size 10mg”. Man, that’s a very tiny dose! Fortunately the package comes with a tiny plastic spoon to measure exactly what you need. 1 micro spoon equals 10mg.

It’s suggested to assume it sublingual but I really can’t keep that bitter taste in my mouth too long so I just swallow it with a nice fresh glass of water. Some people mix it with drinks, but given the small dose I think the Noopept will mostly stick around your glass even if it’s totally water soluble.

I took it easy at the beginning by getting 1 microspoon in the morning and beside the strong and bitter taste I didn’t feel anything for the first 5-7 days.

I didn’t realize its effect emerging slowly day by day but this is what I felt. Everything start to be more and more clear, mental fog is lifted and you clearly see any problem with a possible and straight effective solution.

Your memory is more sharp and you start to remember things from your past that you’d never imagined you could remember, very detailed memories.

The mood is up, you will feel more positive and happy, probably because you are more secure of your decisions and actions and you become more verbally engaged.

BrainTalking to people is way easier. Sometimes I have to discuss in long meetings about easy tasks and when people just don’t get it it’s easy to lose patience.
After the Noopept effect start to raise, you are more relaxed and better talker, way more patient and you can see where the sticky point of understanding is in every discussion. You can clear it up and conclude a more enjoyable conversation.

In my experience, I felt more cool in a way. No more anxiety and resolving issues by acting straight to the point in a precise manner become a mindset.

As I was studying about body anatomy and fitness, I was able to remember much more content. Recalling and connecting subjects during my tests became a easy task with fun and satisfaction. And most important, my test results and essays were much more precise!

After few weeks I wanted to raise te dose to 20mg but in a couple of days I realized that I just didn’t need it and went back to 10mg. I also naturally stopped using it for few days just because “I felt that way”.

I have to say that Noopept is a great mind enhancer and I suggest anyone to try it if you want to “wipe off” the mess in your brain and think sharp again.

But what is exactly Noopept and how does it works at chemical level?
Is it dangerous?
Does it give you addiction?
Are there any limitations on dosage or assumption time?
Here is what I found:

  • Noopept is a Peptide created in Russia and patented in Russia and USA.
  • It’s prescribed as Nootropic (smart drug) and is sold as dietary supplement in USA and as a medicine in other countries.
  • Great results for the treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease
  • Neuroprotective and enhance memory
  • Good blood-brain barrier penetration (to reach neural functions)
  • Improve learning ability and memory (processing, consolidation, retrieval of information)
  • Chronic treatment with Noopept was not followed by the development of tolerance, but even potentiated the neurotrophic effect.

I can only be positive on the Noopept for who wants to improve and regain confidence, for who is studying, for who need a clear mind after a bad period and for who need to be more mentally engaged.

Noopept LabelThere are many websites selling Noopept now. However, I found a good source of many supplements at Powder City where Noopept comes quite cheap and it’s shipped worldwide.

Some people claim that Noopept is better assumed with Alpha GPC especially if you want to improve your athletic performance or you are working out. I just start testing the two products together and I will post another review when I reach a final verdict.

Feel free share this review and leave a comment here below about your experiences and other supplements!


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