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The Inner Revolution – The Book

One evening some time ago, walking on a street and connecting with my surroundings, I saw a little white spot on a wall.

That little spot on the wall was the remaining strip of a flier with a simple text: “Inner Revolution“.

The Inner Revolution by Luke Hancock Front Book Cover (2)

The Inner Revolution Book cover

“Inner Revolution… sounds like something I need in this period!”, I thought.

There was also a URL with a website and once I got home I looked up and found that “The Inner Revolution” is a FREE e-book by Luke Hancock.

It was not long after watching the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” and by surprise this book had a very positive testimonial by the author James Redfield!

The whole website gave me a strong feeling of connection so I signed up and got the book, which comes also as audio book. Very good for me as I’m a lazy reader when it comes to read books on my computer monitor!

I started to listen to Luke stories on audio book while cooking or when I had some time.

“The inner Revolution” is one of those awakening books where you will follow every single step of the protagonist throughout the story while thinking about yourself and your own journey that got you right here right now reading this review.

More than “understanding” wanderer-455338_640something, you will “remember” what you have forgotten but it has always been there, right in front of you! At least this is the feeling I had while reading it.

You will be submerged in Luke travels and discover yourself as he discovered himself on different experiences.

If you are in a down period and you are looking for some guidance, this book is for you.

The only thing you need to do is to trust your hearth and take that first leap of faith. “The Inner Revolution” will guide you on how to recognize your guts and how to trust your own self.

Mind Body Spirit Magazine Cover Article by Luke Hancock author of The Inner Revolution

Mind Body Spirit Magazine featured “The Inner Revolution”

Mind Body Spirit Magazine has a whole page for Luke where he describe his book and how he got to write it and to gift it to the world knowing that people like me and you will find it and use it at the proper time. (click here to view the article in PDF).

Getting the book is very simple.

Go to Luke website: and click download. That’s it.

You will be probably be asked to leave your name and email for eventual mailing list but if you don’t want you can always unsubscribe later.

I’m smiling thinking at when I downloaded it myself as I was a bit skeptical leaving my email, but after a couple of days I received a very friendly message from Luke thanking me for downloading the book, wishing me good luck with my journey and asking me to send him some feedback after reading the book if it was not trouble for me.

From the website you can also purchase a paperback copy if you want, however the PDF and the audio book remain free 🙂

Luke is a great person. I personally met him in Bangkok and he is working on a fantastic project in Laos with his energetic partner Susana. Sacred Place is a outstanding place where you can get your batteries recharged, stress evaporated and great counseling for your well being in all aspects of your mental and phisical health.

Check out their Website for more info:

Book cover and Body Mind Spirit article are courtesy of Luke Hancock


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