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Watching us from Outer Space

Planet Earth seen from the MoonIf we watch the world as if we were aliens from another planet, with the capability to see all the different realities of every living thing, we may be able to understand how to improve our lives and our home.

World population is increasing and the resources are diminishing. This is a known fact.
Obesity and laziness is taking over our lives and we are getting disconnected from or true nature.
By remembering how to coexist with or surroundings we can understand that blending in with the world will create a better place for ourselves.

Respect yourself and what you have.
Invent new ways.
Coexist with your surrounding.
Blend in and make a better place for yourself (and you as a specie).
food wasteAvoid waste. Food will rot somewhere is not supposed to be. It should rot in it’s own place like apples falling from the trees giving nutrients to the ground.
Understand what is available to you and use it wisely for a long range with a plan, not just for yourself and for today, or tomorrow you won’t have any.
Your children won’t have any.
And they won’t have any example to follow to make it better.

People always complain about how “they” do things bad. But WHO are “they”?
We refer as “they” when we want to find someone responsible of the actual situation and “They” should fix it.
But what are YOU doing about it? Are you doing anything to fix it?
You don’t have to be a revolutionary or a keyboard warrior on the Internet to change this world.
You have to WANT it.
You have to just BE what you want “they” to do.

ObesityUsing moderation on your daily life does not mean to be strictly economical but to “use what you really need” with intelligent steps.
If you cook to much food you can save it for tomorrow.
If you have to go somewhere nearby, you can walk or take a bike and avoid the laziness of the car.

Shut down computers, mobiles and TV to read a book, or to talk and play with your family and friends.
You will save electric energy and will increase your own.

Promotion SaleDon’t fall for the big “Promotion” signs on the shops and value your shopping for what you are really purchasing. Not for the bargain.

Give your unused clothes to people who need them.

To an old couple was asked: “How did you manage to stay together for 65 years?” – the woman replied:
“We were born in a time when if something was broken we would fix it, not throw it away.”

Take a look around you. All the stuff you think is yours is not really yours.
It was not yours before you were on this planet and it will not be yours when you will leave. Even your body.

It may sound a bit esoteric but this is a true fact.

Put the right value on things, enjoy what it comes and what you have right now without wasting. Using moderation will prolong your resources for your real needs.



Photo Credits:
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